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Recently I visited Chiang Mai University in Thailand where I completed a series of workshops under the title 'How to start a new bsiness'. Travelling back to my country I had an interesting chat with a Scottish lady and wrote a little article about it: Travelling abroad.

Synopsis of ManagementTips in English Language published by Koenders & Partners.

Recently Basic 5 was published in two Russian business magazines. You will find the article by clicking the links:Business Volgograd and Pressa on Line

PS: as a business consultancy Koenders & Partners is active in the north western region of the Netherlands. From that activity we do not have any clients that do not speak Dutch. Nevertheless many business friends from all over the world like to have a copy of our ManagementTips and other documents in English or in their own language. Feel free to copy these documents, spread them and if necessary translate them to your native language. It would be great if you mention your original source (Koenders & Partners) and please send us a copy of your translations to your language as well.


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Diez iez Vietnam

This book is about the story of life of prof. Adrie van Gelderen. I met him on one of my PUM missions where he was a local representative of PUM. Adrie told me he had a manuscript of his story of life and asked me my opinion about publishing it. I promised to read it and give my comments. And indeed I did: I told him that his book would not be a profitable cash cow, however, publishing your own literary thoughts will give tremendous satisfaction, it's fun to do and it's not expensive at all.

Now Adrie was seriously ill at that time and unfortunately he passed away before we could take his book into production. So we, being Adrie's friends, decided to publish the book posthumously and donate all the refunds to his 'affiliate-foundation'.

'Diez iez Vietnam!'  is written in English. A copy can be ordered by clicking the link.